Cooling and freezing

Partners:  "Heinen Freezing Gmbh".

With the experience more than 35 years "Heinen Freezing Gmbh" is one of leaders in a production of the machinery and equipment for the pasteurizing, proofing, cooling and freezing in the world. 

"Heinen Freezing Gmbh" is producing industrial machines and equipment for continuous pasteurizing, proofing, cooling and freezing of food. In the area of scope there  are and single, low-capacity machines, and a large-scale series of machines, or complex combinations of machines in a production line, for huge production rates.

The equipment is designed, constructed and manufactured for the processing of different products, like baked goods, dough, pizza, fish, meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, pasta, ready-to-serve meals, icecream.